Sunday, 26 July 2015

Whats Hip in food this summer?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say about ordering food online??

  •  too risky
  •  comfortable
  •  will I get food for the value paid
  • bad idea to try it
  • who will bother if I won’t be treated or get proper service.
but if you ask me I will surely say yes to ordering food online.

 I am a Consultant by profession, a doting mother and a caring wife. Though cooking is my favorite time pass/ hobby but at times I get irritated if have to cook out of compulsion. We all know how difficult is cooking, especially when its summers and it is scorching hot days. Here below are few of my experienced situations that I faced recently, where I felt like running away but able to handle them with perfection... All because of God and my mother :)

Situation 1: People, especially females living in Uttar Pradesh can very well relate to this situation of mine. Oh! Maybe you don't know but we in UP face more than 10 hours power cut during summers. Going to kitchen and to cook is like burning in hell's fire. So, It was around 3:30PM in the day, we were just done with your lunch. The doorbell rings, and Surprise!!!You have 5 uninvited hungry guests. Though I love to have guests but the idea of cooking for them in 45 degree Celsius makes me feel sick. You can't expect MIL to help you as she is busy with her gossips and being a daughter in law you are expected to cook the best of the food items. :(

          #food I ordered from FoodPanda, delivered at right time and saved me from entering the kitchen.

Situation 2
: Its Summer Holidays and a Sunday Morning, you have four kids who have come to enjoy at their Granny's house. They all are fussy eater and don't like anything that you cook. You get only a day off to spend with your family, tired after all household chores and don't want to waste your time in just cooking and that too which may not be liked by those kids.

#Its easy to order, get discounts and everyone is so happy

Situation 3: You have urgent work at office; you know that you will be late till the time you will reach home. You are damn tired, and hungry. What all you can dream is about having tasty food as dinner at home. Your husband is very cooperative but he also don't know cooking and moreover now Maggi has also been banned in India.:)

#I was late but my food from FoodPanda was on time

One Solution for my entire problematic situation- My savior FoodPanda

As usual, after seeing uninvited guests/ fussy kids I called up my Mom, to share my discontent/ discomfort and she suggested me to use FoodPanda App. At first I was quite shocked as my mother is not a technology savior and also as far as I know her she hardly prefer purchasing anything online. As per her theory, we cannot feel the products/ items therefore its hard to rely on their authenticity. So when she told me about FoodPandaI could not really believe on my ears. She continued with its benefits and told me that it’s always better to get upgraded and updated with new generation. Also with FoodPanda I can order from anywhere and they will deliver at the mentioned address.

                                       What I feel like after getting familiar with FoodPanda app

Why I have opted for FoodPanda ??

  • It’s one of the world's largest online food ordering market place.
  •  I got attractive discounts on accessing it from app( they gave me 50% discount on my bills)
  •  It is recommended by my first expert that is my mother
  • you can pay online or on delivery as well.
  •  With FoodPanda can actually order food in 40 countries and that too from more than 30,000 restaurants. Isn't it amazing?
  • It is easy to access and you need to depend on anyone for getting food deliver.
  • Reviews, minimum order, deliver charges and time taken to deliver, make it quite easy for first time users like me.

How to order from foodpanda??

  •  find restaurants that deliver to you by entering your address
  •  simply select your location browse hundreds of menu to choose the food you like
  •  pay fast & secure online or on delivery.
  •  Food is prepared & and delivered to your door step.

Points to keep in mind while ordering from FoodPanda.
  • minimum time taken to deliver any order should be keep in mind while ordering from your favorite restaurants.
  • minimum order value and delivery charges.
  • as soon as your order get confirmed you will get a sms and mail at your registered number and email id.
  • while completing the order search for available discounts which can be applied.

So this summers enjoy your favorite continental food at home with family and FoodPanda