Wednesday, 3 February 2016

impact of a movie- Airlift

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Everyone standing and clapping. Shouts of Vande Mataram filled the movie hall, this was the scene of movie hall when last weekend we went to watch movie Airlift.

I am a movie bug and loves to watch near about all the Bollywood movies. Being any of the reason like birthday, anniversary, or even Tomato's school admission movie is the first and foremost thing that top the list for celebration.

Recently we went to watch Airlift, a movie starring Akshay Kumar( I don't want to discuss anyone else am a big fan of Akshay kumar). Movie is much in news now a days. Almost all the politicians, critiques and other viewers have appreciated this movies.

Impact is such great that it has been done tax free so that more and more people can view this movie. Even after watching this movie, I want every Indian to see it. The movie is about Iran and Kuwait war in 1990 and how an Indian helped other about 175000 Indians to get out of that war situation. Indian Airlines and Government has also played an important role in that evacuation.

Others movies like PK, make me question my identity as Indian but this movie has very well showed that how and only an Indian can have the strength and courage to save his country people as well the people of other country. Indians are emotional but also rational. They are lead by non violence and knows the strength of being together.

Instead of religion what holds priority for an Indian is safety of its country men. We respect all and love all. When it is required we can give upour personal interests as well as life for the fellow peoples. Airlift movie shows all this very well. It is a movie which is based on true story and theme of being Indian.

For some movie is slow moving and hardly enjoyable as it do not have much dances, songs and funny dialogues but for me the message that leaves is most important than any of its aspects.

Airlift lifts Akshay Kumar to a whole new level. He had taken 'Baby' steps with "special 26". He totally rocks in this movie.  Its his movie. He has done true justice to his role. Ranjith Taniyal, an Indian settled in Kuwait. He is rich and thinks himself an Kuwaitian until the war broke between Iran and Kuwait. He has option of securing his family's safety but still he decides to lead about 175000 Indians and helped them to evacuate from war zone safely with the help of Indian Government and Indian Airlines.

The story itself is so inspiring and the direction is commendable. Its a must watch for every Indian citizen.