Saturday, 9 April 2016

few thinking of Indians that is different from rest of the world.

Obviously Indians are the great minds but there are few thinks that we think differently from rest of the world.

1. Most of the Indians are scared of police. Instead of taking them as their friends, we Indians are actually scared of them. Most of us try to resolve even the biggest issues without the involvement of police.

2. Girls are asked to cover themselves while going out, and night hang outs are strictly not permissible for them. Instead of telling and teaching our boys about how to behave with a girl, we teach girls how to be submissive and opressed.

3. Thanks to our Prime minister Narendra Modi who focuses majorly on girls educations and other. Many are scared of providing good education to their girls as that will be hindrance in their marriage and make them revolutionary.

4. My neighbor is more conscious about what is happening inside our home then his. Indians are very much interested in making issues of every small thing rather than solving it.

5. We love to categorize people. Caste, status, gender, region are few categories that runs in our mind once we met any new people.