Saturday, 7 May 2016


“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the#YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”

Do you know Mala aunty?? May be you won't, she is my father's far off cousin. She is always busy in giving advice and telling the people about the hidden and experienced truths. At times her truth make people scared and loose confidence. Like once she told my elder sister, that going to gym , may increase her weight and once she left it her body will become bulky. Also with every truth she adds thats her personal experience. That's why I prevent facing her.

Once I got pregnant my  fear and inhibitions become more sound for her. I started preventing her. But unluckily, she bounced into me . I was climbing the stairs and my parents reside on first floor. She start staring at me and after few seconds she start her favorite work, that's giving advice. "You should not climb stairs, now since you are going to be a mommy you should take extra care of yourself". I think that day Mala aunty was extra free, so she hold my hand. First she congratulated me and then continued "being a mother is the biggest gift of the God". A mother is second to the God. You are going to create a living human being and that too inside you womb, nothing is beautiful than it.

But a to be mommy has to be extra cautious about her diet, lifestyle and health. A pregnant woman should eat healthy, and walk of 30 minutes daily needed to keep her fit during pregnancy. Also reading and keeping herself busy is the mantra of a healthy pregnancy. But it is not like you keep yourself busy for 24*7, rest is also needed and should not be overlooked by a pregnant woman. She asked me to eat healthy foods and small meals.

Se said, obviously pregnancy is correlated to increase in weight and change in body shape, but it is very untrue that you cannot get back to your normal body shape. Just you have to give time. It took nine months to get bulky so you should give at least a year to your body to get back to its normal shape. She further up that look at my body, even after having four kids, still am fit and can work more than any young woman. She then showed me her stretch marks which have been lightened with times but still can be seen prominently on her skin. She continued that only a lioness can bear the pain of giving the birth to a child and I am proud to say that I have bore it four times.

I think she sensed my fear of having stretch marks that she said now with change in technology many products are coming which can stop theses marks to make a space on your body for the lifetime. The Marico Bio oil is one such item which is a well known brand used for cuirng stretch marks.

I don't know but this is the first time that I loved advice of Mala aunty and wanted her to keep going on. I thanked her for her truths , sharing experiences and helping em to enjoy my pregnancy.