Saturday, 3 September 2016

“Kayaking for a cause”

Travel is something that is inherited to me by my father. It is interrelated with my Passion of Nature Watch because the World is a huge place. Even though you my say that the technology has shrunk it, which is true to some extent, the same technology cannot give you all you wanted. You may have a visual treat through your VR device but we all know that it is not real. A real experience is always surreal. It gives you pleasure which cannot be explained to the fullest extent in words.

The list of places I want to visit and things I want to experience is growing longer day by day. So much so that I can’t stop questioning if a lifetime will ever be enough? Such thoughts disturb me and then I make a mental note of packing as much experience and travel as possible before I leave the earth for a better world. 

When it comes to me, I always dreamt of kayaking in Chaliyar River in Kerala. The Chaliyar which is a peaceful river which originates from the Elambalari Hills in the Wayanad plateau and empties in the Lakshadweep Sea.  Palm trees rustle in the wind and sway shadows in the water. It passes through beautiful scenery and greenery which is otherwise missing in most of the rivers.It is the fourth longest river of Kerala. Though I have traveled to many parts of the country but, I hardly got a chance to even go near the place. I use to browse them on the internet and the sheer beauty of the nature makes me go dumbstruck. When this is the case, I cannot even imagine myself of being there on one of properties that lies right in Kerala.

In past, Chaliyaar had always been notoriously known for industrial pollution, through the river has returned to life post closure of the polluting factory, the boom of urban population and tourism activities in the area there is huge amount of garbage being dumped into river knowingly or due to sheer ignorance and lack of education on this aspect.

But now many bodies like CRI (clean River Initiative) has taken initiative to make people aware. Also to make a people connection to the rivers and use it for their and their children recreation. This will they will keep the river clean and stop garbage dumping and any other activities, polluting the river. CRI also aims to promote building proper waterfront amenities for promoting for river trails and water based tourism activities involving authorities, rural village authorities, panchayat authorities and NGOs.

That day is not far when, Chaliyar River will become one of the famous tourist place known for its beauty and natural peace.  Few efforts can lead to its transformation which is beyond words also lead to its popularity.

Also, to make it known to more and more public, a challenge has been organized.  Upholding the cause of conservation of this river, Chaliyaar River Challenge by Clean Rivers Initiative facilitated by Jellyfish Watersports, came up with the idea of Kayaking for a cause

Chaliyar River Challenge is a 3 days and 70 kms paddling event in the Chaliyar river organised by a group of professional kayakers. Chaliyar River Challenge aims at promoting the many recreational and adventurous ways this river can be used. It also aims at initiating a connection between the river and youngsters, school children and families. The event will be flagged off from Nilambur on 23rd of September and will conclude at Beypore on 25th of September.

Some Photos of last year event which made me more curious and anxious to be a part of this event are as follows:
The immense beauty, really want to see it

the fun, want to shout and shoot

amazing food , isn't it delicious

how about getting pics clicked with amazing hats and marvelous scenery behind.

I know, like me (after seeing the amazing pics)  you will also want to be a part of this initiative but there are other reasons too which made me more  curious to be a part of the Chaliyar River Challenge?
I get to navigate and kayak down some of the picturesque waterways of our country.
I get to kayak with someone who holds the Limca book of records for solo kayaking in India and two medals for rowing at Asian level.
I will be instrumental in supporting and spreading our cause of river conservation.
Delicious and scrumptious meals with stays will be taken care off.
Most importantly, I don’t have to be a professional kayaker, as you know which I am obviously not. Even if I am  a beginner, I can embark on this adventure. 

If my points interests you than come and rejoice in the beauty and splendor of this river while kayaking for a cause. For more details join Here .

“I am participating in the Chaliyar River Challenge activity at AdventureN in association with Jellyfish Watersports”

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