Monday, 17 October 2016

The diminishing and almost extinct value of Libraries in 21st Century.

It has been more than 4 years that I really visited any physical library. I am passionate about reading and collecting books. The hobby which becomes passion as completed my graduation in English. I used to have more than 230 books in my library, gathered from different parts of the India (I never went out of India: P). But last year, my mom scolded me for having so many books and their poor conditions. She told me or I say ordered me to forward books to someone else otherwise she will sell them to junk dealer for very minimal rates.

I finally started searching someone who would be interested in my age old collection of books but hardly got any. Most of my friends were reluctant as they have either small house or less of time to spend on reading. Kids prefer kindle or virtual library over physical one. As per them when most of the books are available at one click why to keep them in their room and make efforts to save them.

Finally I donated all my books to a NGO for free who will use better ones for their kids and old one to make envelops. Though disheartened but I have to do this. I was quite surprised with the changing world. It’s only few years before when going to library was my favorite hobby. I love finding new books and reading them in the calm and peaceful environment of library. Seeing others engrossed in books also motivates me to read. Also library serves as an point of interaction and meeting new peoples. Even there are number of movies in which hero met heroine in library and they fall for each other. Now a day’s hero and heroine either met in music stores or cafes.

I am really surprised and disheartened with the diminishing and almost extinct value of libraries in 21st century. There are many facts which have led to this culture but the most prominent of them all is easy availability of online books and lesser time. We are now hardly bothering ourselves for going to library and searching for the books that will interests us.

But what makes me really worried is if this change is really good and we should accept it with open hands. ??What I feel is that may be for short span of time, this change is good but when we think about long term aspects it has more of disadvantages rather than having positive sides. It will make you the slaves of technology, our studies will become totally dependent on technology and if somehow technology fails (we have seen fail of technology in America and other developed nations like China, Japan  as well)which no doubt can or may happen, and then we will also fall apart. 

Interactions, going out, meeting with people will be affected and became less as we can easily get everything online and thus no need of going out to find course or books to read. I am not saying its wrong but going away from books is totally unacceptable to me. These are totally my views and would love to hear from you people about yours. Do write and share with me.