Tuesday, 6 December 2016

#LGV20- The Latest Trend

"The latest Trend is LGV20"

I was awestruck when my famous fashion blogger friend declared it as final. Every time I have seen her relating fashion with good clothes, new accessories or hairstyles, it is the first time her definition of "Fashion" was something very different and unbelievable.

It is the month of December, wedding season and I met with my blogger friend in a marriage party of our common friend. I was expecting her to be well dressed, flaunting her expensive clothes and accessories. Instead she was dressed plainly and was looking very cool.

I asked her reason and she showed me her new mobile that is #LGV20. Her new silver mobile was really looking like a style statement in her hands. Then she started describing its features, which are no doubt a thing to flaunt. Suddenly she knowingly let her mobile slip out of her hands. I was too sacred but she was not.

1. Sleek and durable build: The new LGV20 is sleek metal body and Si-pc material employed in each corner realize unrivaled durability for whatever life drops.

Then she took me to the DJ floor and start making a video. I though she is gone mad but the outcome really amazed me.

2. Clearly Capture life in motion: It records crisp, clear content-even when you're on the move. steady record 2.0 allows you to capture sharp, smooth video in any condition by minimizing unintentional hand shaking.

3. Hi-Fi Recording with High AOP Mic: 3 high Acoustic overload Point mics allow you to record loud scenes at sporting events without cheering fans distorting the sounds. Then save the incredible moments in lossless audio format with Hi-Fi Recording.

4. Manual video Mode: it records video using manual Video mode and customize sound to your needs and wants, so you can eliminate noise and amplify those special moments.

Then she started clicking selfies and they were truly mind blowing. I was first time looking super beautiful and clear in those selfies. Even aunties around us also joined in to get beautifully clicked.

5. Wide Angle Front Camera: The wide angle capabilities on the front camera of this phone allow you to capture selfies that get a wider background for more friends or more inclusive scenic shots. It expands your selfie experience and get the bigger picture no matter what the subject.

Suddenly a drunk uncle pushed us, I was afraid my selfie won't come clear but to my surprise it was the most beautiful I ever had.

6. Hybrid auto Focus: LGV20 shoots even the most sudden and unexpected moments of action on weekend retreats with friends. Whether you're indoors, outdoors or in low light, the new V20 utilizes LDAF(Laser Detection Auto Focus),PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) and contrast AF technologies to capture every moment of fun.

Then, my friends showed me the best feature of it.

7. The Second Screen: With LGV20 you don't have to waste time toggling- just use the second screen to access contacts, short cuts and jump between apps. And instantly reply to text message with direct reply with the help of new feature of the second screen.

No need to say, I was really impressed with the new LGV20. Yes the trend has changed. Now you don't need expensive clothes to wear, lots of money to flay while dancing or accessories to flaunt. Now you only need V20 and the crowd will follow you for having beautiful selfies, video recordings. So hurry and be a trendsetter.