Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Griraj Parikrama- Goberdhan Parvat and Mathura Pandits

Last year's last Saturday morning we started for Griraj Parikrama to celebrate New Year Eve. Its hardly 200KMs from Ghaziabad but took more than 6 hours due to serious traffic jam.

Goberdhan parikrama holds its very own sacred place. Known as Govardhan or Giriraj it is the sacred center of Braj and is identified as a natural form of Krishna. Shri Krishna during Duwaparyug hold this mountain on his finger to save his villagers from the anger of Inder Dev. Its Parikrama is about 7 kos or 21 kilometers long.

We started on 31st morning around 8:30 AM and after three-four breaks for lunch, petrol and other we reach there about 3:00PM. We thought it to be crowdy but there was hardly any people. We started with Goverdhan Mandir and than booked an e-auto for all of us. In half an hour we were through with our Badi parikrama and after having few stuff from Brijwasi from there we started for chhoti parikrama in another e- rickshaw.

 Chhoti Parkirama is of 9 KMs but took us long due to various stops in between like Radha kund, (where there was bhog of 156ton fruits), Shyam kund, Mansi ganga, Mukhrbind and others. We were through with our parikramas by 9:30 and headed towards our hotel which was in Mathura and 22 KMs away from Goberdhan.

Though before also many times I have been to Mathura but that was long back near about more than a decade ago. My recent experience is not at all good enough to be memorable. Firstly it was long traffic jams which were quite irritating and secondly it was Mathura's pandits. They hardy bother for anything except ,money. While at Giriraj Temple, my daughter asked for the prasad from a pandit sitting there. He first asked her for "bhait" means money and when she showed her inability to understand and provide it he asked her to move on.

The main motive of the pundits is to arrange more and more money and the amount of the money you gave to them is directly proportional to the amount of the blessings they will shower on you. At a point you will feel like praying god at home is more better than taking all these pains of travelling and darshan. Mathura Pundits are becoming commercialized and my main concern is that we are okay with all their demands about money. Just to get easy and fast Darshan at Banke Bihari we have to offer 500 note to the pundit with Prasad.

Its high time when we should pampering such bribery to get close to God. There should be a fixed salary for the pundits and donations made to be used for the updation or the maintenance of the temple or its area. We are making donations but they are used for the benefits of pundits instead should be used for the betterment of the Temple.

I ahve shared my views, would love if you share yours and also if anytime came across any such incident at any religious place.

Tempting kachori at Mathura

Yummy creamy lassi at Banke Bihari

Swam of people at Banke Bihari

56 tons of fruits at Radha kund, Goberdhan

Beautiful Radha Kund, decorated with lights

Jai Goberdhan Maharaj ki jai

Stop at Local Dhaba for Tea

Yashu enjoying frezh Air