Friday, 27 January 2017


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Since the day we have got married, I always used to complain about his busy life. He is a businessman, having business of manufacturing medicines. The time we got married, he recently started his business. Though he was less willing to get married but have to due to family pressure as he as the only son. 

I got married with great expectations from my husband. Being a English graduate, have read many novels and love the stories of "Mills and boons", wanted my prince charming to take me to various places, pamper me, love me and gift me alot. But all my dreams got shattered. Amit is eldest of three siblings, very reserved and passionate about his dream. 

I was living with him but not loving him. I wanted a different person but he was not my type. We went for much delayed honeymoon and that too with in laws. He hardly gets time for me and after all day work when he used to enter the room, he is super tired and get fast asleep. I keep on finding the ways to tell him what I expect from him but years and years went on and I couldn't find the best time to tell him. 

With time, he got more engrossed in his business and I, with my home and other related tasks. His trips got frequent and few hours that we used to get were also minimized. Many birthday and anniversaries went away that we celebrated without each other and many times even forget the date. We were married, having baby, living together but still missing something in life. 

One day, Amit asked me to accompany him to one of his business party. Though I hate his business parties and never wanted to be their part but still since he asked me many times, I went with him. When we reached there I find that party is a kind of award program for the excellence in various fields of business. Amit has chosen as the best Chairman and went on stage for taking the award. He was holding the mike and start saying thank you note for his partners, workers and then me.

At first I was shock when he said he is grateful to me and got this award just because of me. I thought I never supported him, moreover used to fight with him because of his busy schedule and no time for family. But his words changed my attitude and our lives. He is thankful to me for taking such a good care of his family and home, He can concentrate more on his business as he knew that I am there at home to fulfill his space and when he comes back he will get a happy family.

He said he know that I am more strong than him as I work 24*7 without expecting anything from him or family. He is full of gratitude to me and very thankful to god for giving such a life partner. His words really changed my attitude towards him and I was full of tears.