Friday, 27 January 2017


“I’m blogging about my #MagicOfWarmth moment at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil

Life is complicated and relations are the ones which make it more complicated. Since the time we enter into this world we come across many people and they became an inseparable part of our life and it routine. We go through many ups and downs in our relations. It is the warmth of the relationships that keep them going. 

The same relation is what I share with my mom. She is the one who has given me birth, understands me completely and knows me more than me. But there was a time when I started getting irritated with all her and started hating her for being in my life. 

She is the first one who wakes me up in the morning and last one whom I see in night, working all through the day for me and family benefits. While in 10th standard I started feeling myself old enough to do all my tasks on my own. I started hating her for all her concerns and feel as if she is intervening in all my work and she should let me alone. I wanted to be a free bird and concentrate more on my hobby of makeup artists. While she wanted me to first clear my schooling with good grades and then decide about my passion and career. She used to tell me that I am quite small in order to make such big plans.

This has become a cause of my anguish with her. I was over confident about my studies and always used to boast about getting good marks and rank in the school. I, who was few top students in the school, got over confidence of my studies. I stared ignoring her, fighting with her at even a small thing of less importance.

As soon as I come back from my school, I close myself in the room, trying to keep myself away from her. If I saw her waiting for me at the door, I make faces. Being a mom she used to understand what I was going through and never complained. She knew one day I will understand all things and she was right as well. I flunked in my mock exams as did not prepared well because I concentrated more on preparing you tube videos than my assignments. I was the only one who hasn’t scored well in class else everyone was pass.

I reached home with sad face, went straight into my room as was not able to face mom. She already knew as being told my teacher. She came into my room, with a bottle of Parachute oil and start massaging my hairs. I burst into tears and hugged her. With saying words, the warmth of her hug and parachute oil has given a new life to our relationship.