Friday, 3 February 2017

My memorable Luxury Stay in India

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The The Taj Gateway Hotel Fatehabad Road  in Agra is probably the most luxurious hotel we have ever stayed at. Everything about this hotel was top notch and we were impressed with just about everything the hotel had to offer. Right from the start, when we arrived, they made us feel like we were very important guests of theirs. 

exterior view of the hotel

Getting to the The Taj Gateway Hotel is easy. Its only 2.8KMs away from Agra fort and is one of the popular hotel in Agra. Navigation or Google Maps will be helpful in reaching there.

As soon as we started walking up to the doors with our luggage, one of the staff members came running out and grabbed our suitcases for us. He escorted us to the front desk and we checked in our luggage on the first floor. Then, another woman escorted us to the main lobby area to get us checked in. We arrived pretty early and they were able to check us in at 10 AM, which I was not expecting at all. They were very accommodating with our needs and made sure we had everything we needed. After we got our room keys, once again, we were escorted to our room and the woman showed us how some things operated in the room.
 The lobby area

The room was stunningly spacious with a big bed and large windows overlooking the city nad the magnificent view of the iconic monument. 

Spacious rooms with huge bed and magnificent view

The bathroom was the most gorgeous hotel bathroom I have ever seen with a large, mirror and a bathtub. The amenities were awesome as well. They provided the usual toiletries along with a milk. sugar, green tea, bottles of water and more. 

Mughal era resembled by the bathrooms

As we were getting situated in the room, we heard the doorbell ring (yup, there’s a doorbell) and the staff gifted us with a little box of chocolates and peanuts welcoming our stay. They just kept on surprising us with one outstanding thing after another.

For dinner, we went to Sky-Deck, It is located at the top of the hotel. It is a stylish new age restaurant which also serves as a window to the ancient Mughal era. It offers a rare opportunity to witness the changing colors of the majestic Taj Mahal with every passing hour. We marvel at the breathtaking view with a sumptuous dinner and enjoy it to the fullest.

 Night view from Sky-Deck

enjoying view of iconic monument

And when we got back, our room was made up again, the lights were dimmed and we were ready to have a tight sleep after a tiring day.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant, Jhankar, and had their delicious buffet. We enjoyed the delicious flavors of Indian cuisine with live dance and music performance. It is one of the Agra’s favorite restaurants known for serving traditional North Indian Food. We love the experience of fresh flavors, authentic taste and enticing presentation. Usually, when hotels compliment breakfast, it's the usual pastries, fruits, cereals and drinks, but this breakfast buffet was top notch. 

Jhankar serving most authentic North Indian Cuisine.

Service was also top notch with the waiters and floor managers communicating with customers and making sure all their customers were well taken care of. There was this one time I asked for a refill on my coffee and the waiter was very disappointed that he didn’t notice this himself and apologized for not getting me coffee sooner. I was blown away by their attention to detail. 

The next day, we were out for most of the day at Taj Mahal, so when we returned, we were so happy to come back to our welcoming room with smiling staff and housekeeping. We took a nice bath with the rubber ducky and relaxed in our comfy beds.

On our final morning at the hotel, we enjoyed breakfast one last time and checked out of our room, but since we had another full day planned, we just left our luggage with the hotel. They informed us that if we needed, we could use their fitness and spa facility to take a shower before leaving, which was super nice of them to offer. Seriously, the best hotel ever!

Hotel View

Hotel View

I wish we could have enjoyed this hotel more, but we were limited on our time in Agra. Although, we did cross off a couple things from our list so that we could enjoy the hotel a bit more than originally planned. We were sad to leave  The Taj Gateway Hotel Fatehabad Road  because we loved it so much and were treated like royalty. We will definitely be staying here again when we're back in Agra.

Thank you  The Taj Gateway Hotel  for such a memorable stay and for being so accommodating with all of our needs. You are truly amazing!

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