Sunday, 5 March 2017


“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

As soon as I received the Colgate packs my little daughter was very much weave a story with the space characters. As soon as, she comes back from school, she didn't wait for a second and started cutting the characters from the cover.

Story: One day, two small kids named Joe and Stella were playing in park during evening. They were both friends. They love to play hide & seek. It was Stella’s turn to hide and Joe was searching for her. Suddenly he saw a blinking large vessel trying to hide behind a tree. Out of curiosity he went there to see what's happening and who is there. He was shocked to find a space ship there. Till so far, he has only heard or seen spaceships in books and sci-fi movies. Unable to understand what is happening he got inside. To his shock he find Stella there, playing. 

He asked her what she is doing here and instead of playing, they should run for home as it's going to be dark and also the place is not looking safe. But Stella was not ready to listen. She was busy in herself and exploring the spaceship. Suddenly it started flying, both got scared and it makes them reach to the Sky from where Sun, moon and other planets were very clearly visible. They saw Sun laughing and smiling at them. 

But still they were sacred, and unable to understand what is happening to them. At that moment they saw an angry meteor coming towards their spaceship. It looks as if he is going to knock down the spaceship. He was in very angry mood. Sun who was watching all this, call other planets and come in front of meteor and prevented him from knocking down our spaceship. Seeing so many planets together, meteor got scared and stepped back. They were thankful to the Sun and other planets but still clueless about what is going around. 

Then, they heard a announcement in the Spaceship that it is going back to Earth and will soon safely land near to our home. They got happy and started dancing. Suddenly heard Mom shouting, "Get up Stella, get up Joe today is your science exam."

My daughter was really happy while making this story, pics says all and I tried my best effort to put her narration into words. She said she also want to go to space once and meet the Sun and other planets.