Sunday, 28 July 2013

salary negotiations??

So Finally, if you are through with an interview and going to get your dream job than how you are going to negotiate on salary??

First of all set a limit for your salary range and be stick to that. Every time before going for any interview just confirm with your consultant about the salary to be offered by the company and if it is not within your range, try something else.

Now, if the salary offered by the company is attractive and interests you, than only you should go for the interview.

Now I tell you how to face the salary question once you are in front of the interviewer.

Supposively, during the initial round, if the interviewer ask you about your salary expectation, tell them that you are looking for a stable job and career. Their company is your dream company and the job offered by them is your dream job.

Now if he again ask you about your salary expectation and tell them as per company norms and its negotiable on your part.

Finally when you feel, you have given your best and you are likely to get this job, tell them about your last drawn and ask them to decides the best as per your calibre and qualities. And obviously you will give your 100% to the company.

Never be adamant in front of HR. Just give them the idea of what you are expecting. It is whether you will get it or not , you leave a positive impression in front of him.