Tuesday, 10 September 2013

My weight loss story- daily exercise routine

My most problematic areas were bums and thighs. though also got a little fluffiness around my stomach but my concentration was my lower body. So I have followed an exercise routine which  basically focused on my problematic areas.
I divided my exercise routine in two parts. let me make it simplified with the help of an chart

My exercise routine:

Time I devote daily for exercise : 30 mins

How I divided exercise routine:  Mon, wed, fri (concentrate on my thighs and stomach )

                                               Tues, thurs, saturday (concentrate on my bums and stomach).

Anything Before and after exercise : I used drink one glass hot water after my exercise and prefer taking bath with luke warm water.

Now a detailed description about my daily exercise which consist of

out of 30 mins I keep 15 mins for warm up , 
10 mins for core problematic areas exercise and
 5 mins for stretching.

1. Warm up exercise: For my warm up exercise I opted for skipping and tapping. I started with 50 skipping and carried till 250. Daily I tried to add 25 to my last day number. Supposively if on Monday I did 50 , than on Tuesday I tried to make it for 75.

Also I used to tap for one minute initially and increased it up to 3 minutes. Hmmm.. Tapping means trying to raise your knees upto to your chest. like you would have seen in recent "Bournvita" advertisement..(isse jeet ki aadat tablagegi jab mai ise jeetne dugi) Remeber how that small kid use to tap his feet..yeah the same way

Also i tried not to take longer intervals between my different exercise.

2. Main /Core Exercise:
will update in my next posts

3. Stretching: This is the best part of my exercise. Mainly I do stretching of my thighs, hands and neck.

sapna amit agarwal


  1. Hi Sapna,

    I am on a similar kind of routine.. Same core problem areas, stomach, thighs and bums.

    Do try free squats (without weights), lunges and abtucks. These are intensive exercises and 2 sets of 15 reps each would be really a difference maker.


  2. Thanks Abhishek,

    Yeah Squats and lunges are must for getting slim thighs. will soon update about them..

    Thanks alot for your comment.

    Keep sharing :)