Saturday, 14 September 2013

Work from Home- options (part1)

There are various ways which can help you in generating the income from home as well will keep you updated with your Dreams. Here are the few options:

1. Creating a blog: If you have interest in any of the field like entertainment to economics, cooking to comedy, poetry to politics or others , than you can create your own blog.

Topics: You can choose any of the topic that interests you.

How to create: you can simply create a blog by login to any of the websites like Google, word press or etc.

Skills Required: Whatever the topic you choose you should have the good knowledge about it or you should keep yourself updated with it. Just writing, writing vague things, or copying is strictly No in this field. You need good skills to write or also can keep someone who can pen down your thoughts.

Benefits: only internet is required. Once your blog or website if famous and once you start earning you can always expect something. Means in very simple words its an on going concern.

Disadvantages:You should know how to attract the people. Just writing doesn't work until and unless it appeals to masses.

How to earn: the best way to earn through websites/ blogs is by getting advertisements. you will get paid for each clicks on ads done by visitor. The income per click varies from  Dollar .05- 5 dollars. Here I am mentioning  a list few websites other than google ad-sense which provides advertisements.


Above listed websites will surely help you to earn more money. Apart from this websites, you can try affiliate sites like,