Saturday, 19 December 2015


Based on my personal experience.

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I am job consultant by profession. So, many times have to put my contact number online while posting jobs or others for the easy reference of the candidates. There are many candidates who will call me odd times even during holidays, send me nonsense messages and talk weirdly.

Recently, there was a candidate who initially messaged me asking for the job. But when I did not replied to him he started abusing me. I could not understand how people think that I can really answer all the calls and messages that I receive in a day. Instead messaging again, he started using words which shows his degraded mental conditions and the respect he has for women.

If there would be any other woman, she would have blocked him or tried to over look all those idiotic messages but this is something unacceptable to me. May be he has not done physical harm to me but mentally I am very much hurt by his deeds. I, first through job portals find out his name and through his Facebook account, I tagged him and wrote all what he has done to me, so that not only my friends but also his friends can see what he is up to. Than I gave his number to the police so that in furture he thinks twice before sending any such messages to anyone.

One of my friend asked me why I am doing all these to him which can ruin his image. Instead I can silently block him so that he could be saved from such a shame. So my dear friend here are the reasons and why there was need to file a complaint for him:

1. I would not be able to face myself if I would have leave him like this only. He challenged my self respect and whatever he said to me was a mental torture to me. If I haven't filed a complaint against him then may be that hurt my self respect, and I find myself degraded.

2. Complaint against him, made him learn a lesson and chances are great that he wont repeat this thing in future.

3. Taking a stand for myself and telling it to others will influence many females who bear all these sexual abuse thinking there is no escape out. At least they will get a courage or idea on how to tackle these kind of sick people.

At first he inquired about job but when I could not reply on time, he started sexual abuse. 

even after finding his name, he kept on abusing.

                                                   he even abused me using derogatory words.

             finally when I filed a complaint against him, he became my brother and asking for apologies.


  1. Sapna, don't leave hi until he gets a equivalent punishment for his deeds.

    1. Sure dear..we need to be strong so that people like him can be punished

  2. for ezebee you were directly cntacted by the team or through some mediator?

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