Sunday, 14 August 2016

Changed me..Follocelebs

Few days back, my life was so dull and boring. I am a mother of two small kids and spend most of the time taking care of them. I was suffering from lack of entertainment and gossip syndrome. There was not cure for this disease other than party, gossiping and having fun.

But you know whenever I used to go to any party, I feel secluded and alone as I  was not updated with latest gossips. With two small kids, I hardly get time to watch TV or read entertainment magazine. I was not aware what is happening around or even with my favorite celebrity, Salmaan khan, whom he is dating currently and when he is expected to get married.

Before marriage my room and every notebook used to be fill with Sallu's pic and was familiar with his every latest move. But these seven years of marriage has brought a drastic change in my life and lifestyle. From a bomb I have become a dumb.

I know you would be laughing, after reading how poor is my celebrity knowledge and  updated about them. But yes that's me. A poor woman who is many year back from the recent news. I do not know what is recent fashion and who to follow as fashion icon for the youth.

Oh God!! aint you thinking that this is because I may be too old and a aunty type female. May be true to my current situation but am not very old. I am still in my twenties only. But then a miracle happened and whole of my life got changed. I get to know about Follo. It totally changed my image and now am also a celebrity and Icon for many. Now, many ladies are jealous of me where as girls follow me religiously and I am loving it totally. So

Have you ever feel lonely in a party because you are not updated with the topics of gossips.?

Have you ever get confused because you do not know what to wear and from where to purchase?

Have you ever feel helpless because you have great piece of gossip but now a good network to spread it?

You follow a celebrity religiously but do not know from where to get news about all of his/her where abouts?

If your answers for most of the above questions is "yes" and you are also a one who is eagerly looking for a change in your lifestyle than there is only one solution Follo. Log in to the world of Follo- Whether you are in to know the latest Celeb News, Gossips, photos, videos, songs & much more, then no need to hold back! Just connect with your favorite celebs and interact with them through your coolest gadgest across Follo-Web, Wap and App.

If you think you are a know-it-all and have ginormous knowledge about Bollywood stars and celebs, then show it off to all your buddies and claim your frame by participating in Follo Star Quiz and who knows, you might win couple tickets for the latest flick in theatres.

Also overcome your MOMO (mystery of missing out) disorder not anywhere but only on Hot on Follo segment, where you can get all the exclusive news, celeb interviews, face palm moments, grapevine and much more.

Not just this, but also you can now dress up like a celeb by adorning the chic attire selected only for you from the wardrobes of Alia Bhatt, sonam kapoor, Katrina Kaif and many more, only on Follo Startshop.

So get on board and start follo'in!!! Believe me it can seriously change your life, the way it did mine..

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