Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Weight loss story, Part -I

Today I will share my weight loss story which is indeed very influencing..

I have never been a slimy gal. like typical baniya's  love to eat a lot. Nobody will believe when i say few years back I was of around 85+kg.

Reasons for my excessive weight:

1.That mainly due to i was diagnosed with softening of bones due to lack of calcium and other necessary Vitamins in the body. My Ortho prescribed me with heavy diet full of milk, paneer (Cheese) and many tablets.

2. I always used to say I am fat because of my parents because I never saw them very slim types :P

3. lack of exercise and physical movements. I was and am always a very active kid/ lady, so it never bothered me that i should do or I lack physical movements.

4. I am always very fond of cooking and so I of eating. Love to try every new dish and cook fried items.

5. There used to be large number of guests which result in variety of breakfast and large number of tea intake.

6. i love eating outside..fond of  street foods

Problems I faced due to my excessive weight:

1. If you are fat than no one can save you from sarcastic remarks. The worst thing is that even those who are slightly better than you will give you  their expert advises.

2. Even best of dresses look worst on me and could not imagine myself in western dresses ( though i love to wear them).

3. Lack of self- confidence, aloofness

4. Get easily tired .

5. I feel ashamed whenever I have to try some new dresses and that doesn't fits me..:(