Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Weight loss - Myths, Part- II

You know world is divided among two kind of people. One who are fat and others who are thin. Fat people though happy the way they are  as they can eat anything, suppose to be good humors but these thin people don't like them at all. They always pretend as if  they are superior, advice  and taunt you like anything. huh !!
These are the one who make you eager to lose your weight. Someone like this only motivated me.

First of all lets discuss some myths  associated with weight loss:

1. going to gym.. According to many people Gym is strictly no as people gain weight after this which is 100% wrong..balance well between your diet and exercise and this will never happen.

2. weight training. gals should not do weight training as this can lead to loosing of skin which is also not right. weight training done under instructor's advice may lead to tightening and toning of your body.

3. strict dieting . you should follow strict dieting if you want to loose your weight which is also not true.

4. Avoid eating food you like. Sweets, fried food should be avoided but if you love them like me than what you will do ?? I suggest you to eat  everything but in small portions and once in a fortnight.

Also though I read many articles, blog on weight loss but i am never so good in calculating my calories. So I eat what I like but in small quantity.

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