Friday, 9 August 2013

Weight loss , Part III

let me tell you one funny incident of my fatty healthy days.. Once there was a boy's family who come to see my sister (my sister is about 4 years old than me). Being younger I went to serve the snacks and all.. After seeing me the boy's father slowly exclaimed to my uncle "Don't you think girl is little bit healthy" :P  and my sister was just behind me.

. I felt so ashamed and inclined to loose weight.

Ok.. gone are those days. So if you are also keen to loose weight than these are the few questions that you should answer .

1. What is your target?? means set a target to get slim. I purchase a two size small jeans and decided to get fit into it.

2. Why you want to get slim?? u should know the reason and take it as challenge.

3. how much you love urself?? everything else holds secondary if you are in love with yourself and wants to look better/ smart.

4. Am I satisfied with my looks??

Don't forget in a healthy body resides a healthy soul. If you are fat but active, satisfied and free from diseases that don't worry about others as ultimately its you who is the most important.