Sunday, 1 September 2013

Coconut Ladoo- recipe

I could never understand why we have to  keep fast when its God' birthday. Isn't it we should eat a lot and enjoy  But nevertheless This time also I have kept fast on Janamasthami and thought of celebrating it with some yummy sweets. So I made coconut ladoos. Here is the recipe


  1. Grated Dry coconut
  2. Sugar
  3. Milk


 Take one large size dry coconut and grind it. Now mix well the finely grated coconut powder and refined sugar . For finely grated coconut first cut it in small pieces and then grind it .------1

 Take half litre milk and thicken it on sim flame. in between mix it so that it wont stick to the pan----2

Now mix 1 & 2 and shape them in the way you want.. i want them as Ladoos so here are my Ladoos.. Isn't hey look yummy.??