Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tour Diary- Day 3- Heaven on earth


Location: 3KM from Lakkadmandi.
Mode of transportation: car/ you can walk also
Places to Hangout: Kali Mnadir, shiv mandir, kund and top
Best time period to visit: October- March
Hotels: You have to pre book the govt quarters from Chamba on phone. They charge Rs.500 for a day.
Food: good, home like tasty food is available at Canteen run by villagers

Road Map of Kaltop

                              Guest Houses at Kalatop. You would have seen them in Lootera Movie.

Sunset at Kalatop


                                                     On our way to Kalatop

                                               Benches on the way to sit and enjoy the scenery.

                                                       Entrance of Kalatop Guest Houses

                                           Our guide who was again again asking us to be careful as path is slippery but                                                         ultimately he was the one who fall :P
                                            Way to Kali Mandir and Top
                                                      This hut resembles the highest peak

                                                               Morning at Kalatop

                                                See you again our guest House and kalatop