Sunday, 6 July 2014

Back From Tungnath- Devariya Tal & Rishikesh

Though I was reluctant to go back but still have to go. Tungnath is the best place I visited so far. What I loved most is its natural beauty and being away from City's fast life. No phone, no internet, no candidates , no electricity and no one to bother you. There, the life is so simple and calm.
                                             Enjoying spring at Tungnath

                                              Aaj mai upar Aasma Neeche

                                                   My Handsome hero
After staying for a day and two nights finally we trek back from Tungnath. Though , still had enough time and since weekend was there so thought of going / exploring one more place. We has two options either to go to "Anusuya Devi" or to go to Devariya Tal. We dropped the idea, of Anusuya Devi as Amit was previously there. also to go there we had to drive 100KM more(around 45KM going n same was for coming back), and I didn't find it feasible as Amit was the one who has to drive. So finally decided for Devariya Tal.

We started at 9 and reached there in one and half hours after having several stops on our way. There also a trek of 2KMs and this trek was also similar or I find it more tougher than Tungnath's. Reason behind this as we were treking in the afternoon, there were no springs or clouds on our way. it was a dry place with a lot of Lizards, chameleon, tadpoles, and large spiders and very different kind of insects.

I was really disheartened once we reached at the top after doing 1 hour 30 minutes trek. There was noting except a Tal (pond)  which was full of small black fish and tadpoles. Even the water was not so clear. We had complete day to spent over there. After having lunch we were waiting for evening snacks and than for dinner. I was very scared, and I even requested to the canteen people to stay there, the one who also arranged camp for us , who otherwise go back to their respective villages in night.

Thanks to god that there was one more Sardar family who was camping otherwise I would have fainted because of fear. It started raining, lots of insects, no proper toilets, even scared to go out for loo, no electricity and dense forest all around.

Must haves: torch, candle, matchstick, mosquito coil, odomos, medicines, woolen clothes, umbrella.
Hotels: only one rest house is there and that too very far from the Tal. No proper hotels, staying facility.
Food: Canteen people charge Rs 80/ per person for the thali they serve with unlimited food.
Camping: ranging from Rs.400-700.

The place is not apt for night stay until and unless you are brave hearted and have crowd to entertain you.

                                                Tomato playing with cat

                                                  Enjoying spring on our way back


                                                Trek path of Devariya tal

                                                                Devariya tal- couldnot find anything beauty in this

                                                                   Our Camp site

                                                Amit taking rest inside the camp


                                              Berries, we collected from the forest

                                                               The canteen

                                             villagers call them lady fingers and really taste yummy

                                                                   Woman Power

                                                           tomato enjoying

                                                                    Walnut tree

                                                             Plum tree
                                                     Gate of Devariya Tal

                                               Can you find snake..yeah we saw snake there

We have spent our one night at Rishikesh as going back in a same was impossible. We have to take a night break at Rishikesh.
                                                 Finally at Rishikesh, Har har Gange

                                                                             Ram Jhula

                                                                Rudraksh tree at Rishikesh

                                                               over crowded Rishikesh