Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Small Business Idea- Playway cum day boarding school

"Padega India tabhi to badhega India", this tagline describes the very need of schools in India. Now since the number of children has decreased, every parents want to give quality education to their child. They are hardly bother about the money. For them what matters the most is future of child which is mainly depends on his education and upbringing. Playway schools are need of every child.

A playway school is a place where generally kids who are 2.6 years or above come to have education while playing. Mother's pride, Kidzee, smart kids are few reputed names from the list.

nvestment required

It totally depends on the structure of your business. The investment generally range from Rs 10000- 1000000, depending on the facilities that you provide. if you want to start it at very small level than you can opt for your premises also.

Skills required

  • Love kids
  • love teaching
  • confidence
  • Good communication skills
  •  patience
  • good understanding 
  • intelligence

Set up/Requisties

Banner/Board of school name
Proper sanitation and other facilities like sitting of kids
swings, games for kids
should be of kids interest.

Profit earned

You cant ask for anything until and unless you wont provide proper facilities. From security to cleanliness , everything should be upto the mark. there shouldn't be any compromises in providing the quality of services. The profit earned is good if the facilities provided are the best.


  • Its a never ending business. 
  • If done with full dedication you can earn unlimited
  • reputation in society
  • No such qualification required. only investment that matters


  • You have to work hard to make it successful.
  • Any loophole can lead to big disaster. No discrepancies are being tolerated.
  • If you are not over cautious or over protective than you may have to pay big for mistakes.
  • hard to find quality staff.

Playway schools which provide quality facilities and with in the reach of parents and students are mostly preferred. 

Please do write to us if you thinking of opening a playway school. We will assist you in developing a goo structure and facilities.