Monday, 4 August 2014

Small Business Ideas- Corporate gifts.

India is a country which is full of diversity. Here, festivals are celebrated with great euphoria. Gifting is the most popular ways to celebrate and  share your happiness. Even corporates are not parted from the idea of gifting. Corporate gifting is quite famous during festivals and other occasions.

Corporate Gifts is a term refer to providing or making availability of  the products/ items or vouchers to various organisations/MNC/ NGOs and others for various occasions. Although this concept is new to us but gifting is what we are doing since ages.

Investment required

This totally depends on you. How much you want to invest or how big you want to start up with?? You should have a proper idea about the market from where you can get the best quality products at cheapest rate. Also a proper catalogue or pictures of the products are required to present to the employers.

Skills required

  • good Marketing skills
  • presentation skills
  • confidence
  • Good communication skills
  •  patience
  • good understanding 
  • intelligence
  • Smartness
  • Good personality
  • able to create good contacts

Set up/Requisties

Product catalogue
sample products
a formal presentation
contacts in the organisation.
website, not necessary

Profit earned

Margins are quite low but since the quantity required by corporates are high or good in number, the profit earned is mainly on higher side. If your product is different from the market, quality is good , than you can anything between 50-1000 on single piece.



Bulk Requirements
advance & assured payments
payments are made in cheque


  • At times even the  hard work doesn't pays.
  • You may have to do long follows up for getting remaining payment.
  • Requires a lot of traveling.
  • You have to find out those products which are not only unique but also available at cheap rates.
  • Company can directly contact the vendors or manufacturer.
  • In case of branded products they do direct tie ups after getting quotations from you.
  • competition is high as number of vendors are being called to present their products.
  • when you think the deal is going to be finalised, company can ask for other options.

Friends, if anyone of you is interested in taking this business idea further than please write to us ( we will try our best to assist you with this business ideas Dos and Donts.

**Also Corporates who looking for gifts , please do write to us.