Monday, 25 August 2014

Small Business Idea- School Stationery and Uniform Supply

Recently, one of my friend suggested this business idea to me. I was quite impressed with his idea. Its so thoughtful of him. As per him, "education is the right of every child and every school has its uniform". As per him, you can supply the school uniform of the students as well as their curriculum or academic stationery to them .

Now a days, every single school has its own different dress for the students which not only differentiate it from the rest but also enables them to earn good. Even the stationery for the kids is being sold out by the schools only.

nvestment required

It requires a good investment depending on the size of the school but the investment made has good and quick returns.

Skills required

  • good understanding with the administrative staff of the school
  • contacts
  • Bribery, but yes obviously you should have good terms with the managerial staff.
  • Good communication skills
  •  patience
  • good understanding 
  • intelligence

Set up/Requisties

a shop
carry bags
categorical records.

Profit earned

Margins as well as profit earned is good in this business. But at times you have to share the percentage of your profit with pothers as well.


  • It runs throughout the year.. 
  • If done with full dedication you can earn unlimited
  • good relations with the school authority is all that matters
  • No such qualification required. only investment that matters


  • you may have to face good competition
  • parents at times can protest against the high rates.
  • At times it difficult to keep the track of quantity.
  • you have to manage good variety.

Friends , if you any of the school authority and have good relations with them than may be this can be the best business for you. right from the school dress to copy and notebooks, everything is asked to be purchased from school. So, there is no limit for your selling and earning.

Please do write to us if you like this business idea or want to implement it. We would be very happy to make it applicable for you.