Sunday, 3 August 2014

Small Business Ideas- Marriage consultant

Yeah!!! I too believe that Marriages are made in heaven but still there is someone who has to act as mediator to let it happen. No matter how famous live in relationships get or how the younger generation refuses to get married but still the research shows 80-90% of indian population believe in marriage and the authenticity it provides to their relationship.

Marriage consultant is the one who act as a mediator on behalf of girl and boy family and henceforth arranges the meeting, discussions and others.

Investment required

You can start this business with 0 investments. It is a business which mostly depends on your relationship and reputation in the market. 

Skills required

  • He has to be expert in settling up of the issues. 
  • Soft spoken
  • have patience
  • good understanding 
  • intelligent
  • Smart
  • Good personality
  • Genuine

Set up/Requisties

There is no as such any pre requisite to start this business. Though , a personal conveyance, good office set up like telephone, printer, desktop etc, website adds popularity and easy approach to the business.

Profit earned

The profit earned depends on how many successful unions you've able to make and thus resulting into marriages. Mainly there is initial registration by both the families. Registration fees totally depends on your popularity. It can be anything from Rs 0- RS 50,000.

 Than there is a percentage share which is mutually decided to be taken by both the families.


Zero investment
A never ending business


  • At times even the  hard work doesn't pays.
  • People can be reluctant to pay.
  • Requires a lot of traveling and phone calls.
  • Its not mandatory that every time your work will get praised. Be ready to face other consequences as well.
  • Experienced ones are more trusted than new ones.