Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Real Togetherness

Ours is a big joint family of twelve people. My grandfather, his two son, their wives and grandchildren. We all live together but hardly have time to spend with each other.We all are so-called very busy persons. At times studies, household chores, business and smartphone keep all of us busy. Yeah, you read it right, smartphone. The time we are at home and think we have free time for rest or to spend with our family, we love to browse through our smartphones. Ladies look for new attires, recipes, men play games, watch videos, and we, children love browsing anything to everything in it.

My grandfather is the only one who stays free. May be because he doesn't own a smartphone. He always wait for us to come back home, so that he can talk to is, play with us but as I told you we are over busy and hardly have time for him. Most of the time he stays aloof and look secluded. He goes to park for walk but that also hardly makes him happy.

Yesterday, while browsing through YouTube on my smartphone, I came across a video by Kissan. A trusted brand since centuries for its products. It seems to be a real life story, more like our family story. The video influenced me and made me realized the importance of sharing togetherness in a family.

The above video showed how tiny tomato seeds grow into ripe, juicy tomatoes when the family, friends and neighbors decided to come together breaking the shackles of smartphone. So finally, I have decided it is high time to break free from the clutches of our smartphones and building meaningful relationships in our family. It is the high time when we should break the shackles of digital world and get down to the roots and connect in person, by feeling and sharing real emotions in the real world.

The Sunday has been fixed as family day. We all decided to leave our smartphones at home and to meet at the park outside our home for a family picnic. Yummy food was cooked by mom and aunt. I was given the task of arranging the games for everyone's fun and entertainment. As seen in the video, I ordered tiny tomato seeds from Everyone liked the idea and enjoyed doing it. My purpose to bring everyone together was done. All age groups were enjoying sowing the seeds and then watering them.. Dada ji was really very happy doing this. We all had super fun and great time with each other. Everyone liked it very much. Dad even asked me to plan another picnic for the coming Sunday as well. This fun time with family has made us realize the importance of being together as a family. Thanks to Kissanpur and tomato seeds