Thursday, 1 October 2015

being there for each other

The most difficult job in this world is a woman's job. Kids and husband are always on priority list. For their sake, a woman neglect not only her interests, enjoyments, health but also herself. Same is with me. I am a mother of two kids and a dotting wife. Like any other woman, my kids and husband are my life. I always remain available for them. I used to priorities their work over any other thing, even my health until one day I realized the importance of myself  being healthy.

After six years of marriage and two kids I have gained thrice my maiden weight. I started looking like a baby elephant but I always overlooked my weight issue as something unimportant. High BP, cholesterol, breathlessness, Poor stamina were the few symptoms which become very much prominent but still I managed to overlook them as something not important over my kids and family. Until one day when, I was purchasing grocery from nearby shop, started feeling breathlessness and got fainted. I remember when I opened my eyes, was lying on bed, my kids were crying badly and Amit was scared like anything. Though doctor was telling him that everything is alright but still he has tears in his eyes. This incident made me understand the need of me being healthy, not for myself but for my kids and husband. It also acted as a eye opener for both of us.

Seeing my condition, my husband decided to take the initiative of #protectHerHeart. He took the Weight-Heart test at On the basis of the test result and my condition he decided to plan healthy weight management activities which involves:

1. Half an hour morning walk.
2. Eating sprouts and fruits as breakfast.
3. Lessen the intake of sugar and tea in day to day life.
4. Going to Salsa dance classes during weekends.

He planned these activities keeping both of us in mind and our work schedule. Also, we both pledged to follow these activities together, so as to make each other healthy.

screenshot of  heart test taken at

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

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