Thursday, 3 December 2015


“I am blogging for #ResponsibleTourism activity by Outlook Traveller in association with BlogAdda

After two long years my Shanta Mausi us coming back to India. It seems only yesterday thing when she had to shift to Singapore with Uncle. She was very unhappy as she has to leave her country India but she was helpless as uncle got job there. Finally she is coming back. She never wanted to settle in any foreign company as she loves her country alot.

Somehow, the day she has to arrive Papa was busy with his meetings so I was asked to pick her up from airport. Due to heavy traffic I was bit late. I found her outside airport surrounded by many taxi drivers. She was baffled and nervous. On seeing me, she suddenly jumped into my car. She was coughing badly. I know she is an asthma patient and her condition seem to be serious. I offered her water but she rejected. Than she start complaining that people have forget their manners. Also it seems that alot of trees has been cut down to construct roads and bridges. The city has lost its natural beauty.

She told me that it seems people have forget about #responsibletourism. India is one of the most famous tourist country for the foreigners.Tourists are attracted to its natural beauty and vividness of cultures and customs. Tourism is one of the important tool measuring the economic growth of a country. So, being Indian, it is our duty and responsibility to generate awareness among masses and keep our country clean.

For this it is necessary that:

1. We should keep our surroundings clean and to make other aware about it. Cleaning our homes and making outside dirty, should not be done. While travelling through cars or any means of transportation we should not litter our garbage outside.

2.  Generally, while travelling we buy water bottles and throw empty bottles here and there. Not only us but we should taught our children also not to throw them anywhere. Also, if possible should carry water bottles with us which can be refilled.

3. We should not do useless honking while travelling. Honking disturbs the wildlife and also causes noise pollution.  Until and unless it is very necessary, honking should be prevented.

4. I have seen many people trying to write their names on walls, trees of tourist places. Monuments are our cultural heritage, so we should preserve their originalness and keep them clean.

5. India is famous for its hospitality which is now getting bad names due to some people. We should treat tourists with respect and should not push them about anything like this taxi drivers, Cooley, beggars do.

6. Over charging or providing less benefits to tourists should not be done. They are the one who provide employment to many, so we should be transparent to them.

As Shanta Massi was speaking, I was realizing how right she is.  We have forget the importance of #ResponsibleTourism for our country growth which is directly proportional to our growth. So it is the high time when we should become aware about our responsibilities. Tourism is joint effort of all citizens. If we see anything wrong happening to any tourist anywhere then we should raise our voice, after all its all about the image of our country.