Sunday, 24 January 2016

Broken relationships and their impact on kids

In my day to day life, I meet several people. Some at my office, some while travelling through metro, some when I take auto and some in malls and all. Few become our "Smile wale friends", the one whom I see everyday and passes smile. They are the ones who are familiar to us but not known. One such face is of Nikhil. A lad of 16 years, studying in 10th,. I met her daily while travelling through metro. His school and my office routes are same. At times, I offer him Rickshaw lift to his school. He is very naughty but sensible.

Yesterday when I met him he was very silent. I offered him lift to the school. While in rickshaw I asked him the reason for his silence. He said that his mother thinks his father is cheating on her with his colleague. Her mother made him check his phone, emails and others. He has read those flirtatious messages to his mother. Also he showed his photographs on Facebook. Both were laughing and smiling together. Even a kid can tell they are more close than just colleagues.

He further continued," I see my mother cry everyday. Sometimes she sobs silently in the kitchen and sometimes walls and many times in front of me too. She remain sad, does not like to cook any more. Many times her food become cold and she sleep empty stomach. She has become like a corpse and dead. She does not like talking to anyone. She watch TV but lost in her own thoughts. At times, I am scared to leave her alone.

I have started hating my father for this. I don't know exactly what is the problem but now when he gets me the toys or chocolates while coming back from the work, I don't like to talk to him. At times he cracks jokes but I hate them. I no longer love him as my father. He is no one for me, just someone who is the reason of all my mother's pains.

My parents fight everyday at night, they think I am asleep but I just close my eyes and pretend. I want to see them happy, that's why do my homework on time, get up and dress up by myself, I also finish my meal everyday even though I don't like it anymore. These things don't seems to be working. I am totally disheartened. They still fight and scold me too. Both of them don't want to live with each other but they want me to live with them.

I don't want either of them, but both of them. I feel so alone and nothing impresses me. I am totally shattered so do my dreams. I know no one can help me out from this situation. This is the reason I am sad and look broke".

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