Sunday, 24 January 2016

Impact of social media

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Do not you think world has come closer??

I still remember when we were child how neighbors' kids come to our place for watching Ramanad Sagar's Ramayana. We used to boast and try in the front row. Then wait for the Chitrahar to come and start dancing on the beats of Chura ke dil mera..

Mom used to ask us to wait for the Postman Uncle, at the door so that any news from Papa can be heard. Landline number of our and neighbors used to be the same. At times we used to fight and run to receive the calls. We made a lot of friends while travelling and going for a movie is like dream come true.

But now things have changed. World has become closer. You can not only hear the one's voice but can actually see them through various video conferencing apps like Skype and all. Social media like twitter, Facebook and others have impacted both positively and negatively on the World and its people. We, if want can get the news, knowledge and updates about any part of the world. Whether Prime Minister's visits, Chief Minister's decision, Actors break up or business tycoons marriage, we are updated about everything. If we want then also we cannot leave our smart phone for more than 15 minutes. People now are more busy in connecting through social medias than in real life. May be you do not have any friend in real but I am sure FB would have more than 50 friends.

But are we seriously happy with all this, I mean with this getting closer. People are becoming more and more insensitive. daily I get two or three videos where someone who got injuries in a  road accident or someone who died because of some reasons is being shared. A small girl who has lost his family members is being shared on social media, many times belonging from Pune and many time from Meerut. The real perspective about a news can be turned down according to the viewers choice or to earn maximum.

Its not like I am against social media and technology but what bothers me is insensitivity of the people. Instead of arranging ambulance, I saw people making the videos and sharing on social media. Photos of small girls dancing in a wedding being shared with vulgar songs. Females wearing proper Salwar kameez being clicked and photo shopped to be nude. Do not have friends to click your photo so introduce selfie.

May be I am being selfish but I do not want my kids to use mobiles before they Graudate. I do not want them to be a slave of technology and social media. May be when they grow up they can be less informed but they will be mine and their time will be mine, if I kept them far from this technology and its impact.

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