Thursday, 21 January 2016

how to make a impactful CV

While searching for a job, the first and the foremost thing which is required is a CV ie, Curriculum Vitae. A CV is the first thing which provides the first insight to the employee about a job seeker. Let me made this thing very clear to the job seeker that if you are really looking for a good job than your CV should be updated and proper. Here are the few guidelines to be kept in mind while preparing a CV:

Contact details should be clearly mentioned at the top of the CV. Recruiter should not have to strain his eyes to find these details. Contact number should belong to you directly not to any of your family members.

Email Id: Do not keep any absurd email id as I saw most of the recruiter judging a candidate by their email Id only. Nicknames, absurd words, flamboyance words are strictly prohibited while choosing an email id.

Do not forget to mention your location and the preferred one, if there is any.

Job Status: Start with mentioning your current job status and the profile. It holds less importance what you have done few years back. So current job responsibilities should top your CV.

Do not try to copy paste the job responsibilities. Mention only those points which you are good at or have knowledge about. Faking about job responsibilities will only raise unnecessary questions or can may result in lowering your confidence level. 

Others details like educational qualifications, project details, IT skills should be clearly mentioned. Do mention the years as at times educational qualification is the first criteria for the selection of candidates.

There is not need to mention your hobbies, your childhood achievements, and some certificates that you got in your school. What you have done in your school, or whether you love reading or going for boating that hardly hold any importance until you are applying for a sportsperson job. 

Simple language: Language used in your CV should be simple and precise. There is no need to use complicated words for whose meanings one has to use dictionary.

Use appropriate font and text size. Heading and subheadings should be mention in bold. Do not try to highlight anything by using different background colors.

Company profile: What is the profile of your recent company, whether it is a manufacturing unit or an MNC into services, you should write a brief about its profile. It enables the recruiter from the parallel company to trace your profile and easily find your profile through the key words.

Once you are ready with a good CV then the next things is uploading them on the job sites and start your search for the job

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