Thursday, 21 January 2016

impact of presentation in an interview.

Being a job consultant is not a easy task. You have to select the right candidate keeping many factors in mind. Location, experience, education, age and presentation factors hold the maximum priority while selecting candidate for the interview. These are the points which make an impact on the recruiters mind in a face to face interview. Candidate should be presentable. There is no company who will like to have a candidate who cannot shave.

Recently, we had interviews lined up for the post of Senior Manager- Operations for an MNC in Delhi. There were about 10 candidates who have come for the interview. All were with good experience and working on managerial positions.

Mr. Choudhary, HR of MNC is a serious interviewer. He has rejected more than 6 candidates due to one or other problem. At times he don’t like the communication of the candidates, or the personality of the candidate doesn’t look impressive.  As per him, he cannot compromise with the company’s standards by recruiting a less experienced or qualified staff.

Finally, Mr. Ravi Prakash, working with competitive company, having very good knowledge about his work appeared as a ray of hope. He given the satisfactory answers for the maximum questions asked by Mr. Choudhary.  I was very positive that he will get selected and finally a position will get filled but Mr. Choudhary has written disapproved on his CV. I was very shocked and could not stop myself from asking him the reason.

 He told me smiling, "Sapna, it looks as if he has not shaved his face since last two days. He looks lazy thus unsuitable for an MNC culture. The one who cannot keep him updated has less chance of making a profitable move for the company as well.

You know why we ask for a presentable guy?" In a shocking state still I was staring at his face when he continued. "Being presentable doesn't means you should have looks like Salman khan or Shahrukh but it means you should not only well dressed in formals but also clean shaved. Your looks matters a lot while working. You must have heard, “first impression is the last impression”, so the one who cannot maintain himself, will hardly be able to leave a positive impression on our clients as well.

You will find it hard to report to a boss who is not well groomed or have bushy mustaches. Its true that we can't judge a candidate by his face but looks are the first thing that makes an impact on the mind of the interviewer or the one who is getting in contact with him. Other things remain secondary only."

His lines made me understand what actually presentable means and why he has rejected Mr. Ravi Prakash. I have decided that now I will make sure that candidate should be presentable as first and foremost trait  before going for interview.

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