Saturday, 30 January 2016

Navigation of thoughts

They are the mere creative stories written for the contest, nothing is related to my or anyone's real life

Its after three long years, I was going to my home in India. I am loving the every moment of my journey. The back to back memories which are running across my mind and a reason for increase in my excitement.

Though I am married to love of my life and very happy but I am in a country where I hardly know anyone, speaking a language which I can hardly comprehend. I am settled in China. After marriage I have not only left my home where I was born and bought up but also my country.

Though I am happily married but yet missing something. A vacant place which can not be filled with anything. I miss my family- parents, my brother, sister, neighbors and my country. At times I used to think I would not be able to go back to my country again but finally the day has come.

My husband is a software engineer and he has been sent to China by his company. Recession has strike and his company can no longer afford him to be in China and paying in Dollars. They have asked him to either come back or leave their company. As per him he can not leave a company where he has given his 10 years. Do not know but this make me to think whether I was right to leave my country, where I have given my 25 years just like that. My aspirations to be with my husband has made me leave everything that I own. And when I have adjusted my self (though that is with great difficulty) I am supposed to get back to my past.

Thoughts like my country would have changed a lot but am sure people will be the same, how Mom will react when she see me, what about my younger brother who otherwise used to fight a lot with me but since the day I have settle abroad he has become matured and missing me badly.

Mom said that roads have been built and they have purchased a new car, home has been renovated, most of her hairs have grown grey while Dad lost all of his hairs. I can not imagine how they would look like in real life and I am sure Dad's bald look will make me laugh at first. The laugh will burst me into tears.

Busy in my thoughts, when I find my husband shaking and asking for dinner. I am still in my home in China, holding TV remote. I fell asleep while watching "Dilwale dhulhania le jayege". My husband has navigated my dreams to reality. All that was a sweet dream, which I wish someday come true. I miss my country and its people.

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