Tuesday, 12 January 2016

photo blog - Review Mainland China, Noida

As the name resemble Mainland China is famous for its Chinese food located at Noida, sector-18 (Atta Market). On weekends they arrange buffet which includes both vegetarian and non veg. Since we are veg so here is my review for the Veg food. 




Ratings: 8/10

Foods they serve in buffet: 4 types snacks, one soup, fruits, 4 in main course, salad and dessert. 
Ambience: dim lighted and clean
Staff: friendly
Cleanliness: good
Food: better than average, few stuff are over sweetened 
Service: Good
Location and parking: Dharam Palace, Parking depends on your luck
Price: Rs.1000/ per person
Toilets: one for each though clean and well maintained
Extra point, if any: No
Deduct point: rice quality was very low and as I mentioned earlier, few stuff were over sweetened.