Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ramakrishna, 45 is working with a reputable MNC as a Sr.Executive. He is earning good but still not satisfied with his job. In his working career of 5 years he has changed more than 8 companies and still looking for another. Career growth, increment in salary is not what holds priority for him but he is looking for a job where his passion, dream and career will meet so that he can achieve something bigger. Like Ramakrishna there are many people who knows about their passion but still unable to pursue them. Thanks to the world of technology which is soon coming up with an innovative app which will help in molding the career the way we always wanted it to be The app is FutureCrux ( It is simply a "Google map for Careers". It has been designed and developed by Innoneur IT Ventures which is a company founded by Oracle Alumnus in year 2014.

 It uses an algorithm to come up with a graph based on individual’s experience, knowledge, strength, career prospects and other criteria as applicable. This graph in turn helps to match the candidates with the best fit career for them. Unlike other products, this is meant to be your companion for life.

FutureCrux helps to minimize the gap between choosing a career and work satisfaction. It is designed to help many confusing minds like Ramakrishna to find out about their passion and thus enabling them to set up a correlation between their passion and the career.

FutureCrux has been designed in a 3 tier structure to provide job seekers with the most apt career choice based on what they are good at. In the first tier, they provide data driven insights to give a clear picture of where a person stands in his career currently. The second tier becomes actionable where next course of actions are suggested based on the data generated and with an easy access to the domain experts and service providers. The final tier gets the person connected to the employers of the industry where the person can excel.

In today's scenario, a candidate is having multiple job options which he can choose based on his priorities and passion but most of the times there is a gap between the two. Many candidates join the job but soon realized the big difference between doing the job one is passionate about and otherwise. May be they have an fair idea about their strength and abilities but they are not able to implement them or work accordingly.

According to Sijo J louis, founder of Innoneur, Futurecrux was initially different. "Of-course, the original idea was slightly different and it took shape with time based on my research-and-informal feedback after speaking to a lot of people at different stages of their career" say Louis. It is a product developed to help you turn what you love doing into your dream career.

The soon to be launched product is currently in private beta. It will soon be available as web app and mobile app for iOS, Android and windows.