Thursday, 7 April 2016

Save our Mother Nature

“I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for theShortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda.”

Few days before when my three years old niece was diagnosed with Asthama that was a quite shocking news for all of us. That day, we all were celebrating India's win over Pakistan in T20 world cup with crackers. We were getting happy as atmosphere was getting filled with smoke, pollution and black air. Suddenly, Yamini stated feeling breathlessness. At first we thought its just a child play but soon things became worse. She was admitted to a nearby hospital where being diagnosed with severe Asthama attack.

Everyone was too shocked so do I. More I was concerned about my two young kids who were playing around without being aware about what had been happened to Yamini. I realized that its the high time when we should teach our children about saving the mother nature. I realized that we are behaving with utmost disrespect to our mother nature- using up all her resources, killing off forests, rivers and entire ecosystems for our greed. Somewhere we have forget that we are getting many things from our nature but in turn giving her only the left overs or the garbage. Our future generations is being sustained by this planet only.

The time has come when we should improve our behavior towards our nature and should teach our future generation to be its good son/ daughters. Like we want our mother to be healthy and long lived , same way we should behave with our mother nature.

For making this possible, I have decided to plant 5 trees on every birthday of my kids and whenever they achieve something like securing good marks in exams, first step of my little one, and others. Everyday, will take them to park, so that they can learn about the importance of greenery and fresh air for our lives. I have started telling them about the conservation of natural resources, most importantly water. I ask them to water the plants with water left after washing vegetables and other grocery items. With the help of internet, I have teach my kids about the skills of using waste water bottles, inverter batteries, damaged buckets for planting plants. Also, we have made a kitchen garden where we planted many vegetables including lemon, tomatoes, carrot and others. This has moved my kids and me more closer to the nature.

The incident with Yamini has changed our way of lives and so do our idea of life. Now we feel ourselves more close to the nature and try our best to preserve and conserve it.