Sunday, 25 December 2016

5 hacks to enjoy New Year Eve at home

Not everyone is lucky to have party invitations on the last day of year. There are many people like me who stays at home and many times sleep before the usual time and hav no fun on New Years' Eve. There are many reasons which stops me from going outside:

1. one of the biggest reason is have nothing to wear.
2. with small kids its impossible for the couples like us to stay out for late nights.
3. family restrictions
4. parities are either too expensive or at far away locations.
5. not comfortable with drinking and dancing.

You could have your reasons too. Therefore this year I have decided to have few hacks to enjoy the last date to the fullest and that too without going out.

1. watch your favorite movie or listen to you favorite songs. You can either download or buy a CD to enjoy your favorite movie with friends or family and that too with in the cosy environment of your home.

2. dress and have lots of selfie. Now a days, its your selfie on social media with hashtags which says that you are enjoying so don't forget to have too many selfies of while dressing in your favorite dress.

3. make a cake and celebrate. I know not all of us are good bakers but for making a cake is not necessary to be  baker. since my mother in law doesn't like to eat outside cake, last time I tried cake made with ladoos.

4. go for late night walk/ drive. If you love going out, then take a long walk/ drive with your partner. you can have your quality time and can enjoy with your partner.

5. bonfire at home. It only takes few sticks and peanuts. You can have little bonfire at home with your family. You can easily enjoy and gossip with family members.

So I have shared my ideas of enjoying at home and would love to hear from you if you have something great in mind. Do share and comment.