Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Baby Carrier belt- prons n cons

If you ever have been to any hill station or village you would have noticed women carrying their children on their back. Carrying a baby  in hands for longer period of time is tedious . In newspaper I have seen many stars using this belt to hold their children.  Also Aishwarya's baby first look got revealed while she was carrying her in a belt.


Even Lara Dutta is using similar kind of belt.

The Pros of Baby carrier belt are as follows:
  • Easy to carry as it is made of cloth only.
  • Baby can be carried anywhere .There is nothing like moving the wheels or looking for some plains to walk as there in Prams.
  • Good carrier for baby if you are going on some hill stations.
  • Great exercise to loose weight as well :P
  • Baby feel more secure as you are holding them
  • Not very expensive & not very famous among Indians. alot of people will notice you, if you are using it.

The Disadvantages of Baby carrier belts are as follows:
  • You cant hold baby for longer duration. Usually baby get irritated.
  • If you have any problem related to backache than completely forget about this.
  • At times baby wont feel comfortable with it so as are you.
  • Baby weight and height matters a lot if you are using it.
  • Its not appropriate for grown babies.
  • cant use it util and unless baby is not able to hold his head.

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