Monday, 26 August 2013

my weight loss story- How to Avoid your favorite foods

There are many times when you want to eat your favorite food as well as want to avoid it as that's not healthy for you. This situation really gets tougher if you lack will power and keen to eat it. Same thing used to happened with me as I love to eat junk and street food. To be very honest I can't live without eating street food for a day but however I tried to avoid it. Here are ways which worked for me:

1. Delay in Eating: keep delaying the food you want to eat . It means I keep myself busy and think of eating only after completing my task .Till that time either I am very tired or not at all keen to get it and than eat it.

2. Eat slowly: try to eat as slowly as you can or while 

3. Share it. I try to share y food and that too bigger part

4. Walk and eat. I try to eat while working or walking. This way my concentration is more on my work or walk than just chewing down the food.

5. away from your reach: never keep your refrigerator/ kitchen flooded with junk foods. There is no need to keep monthly stock of junk foods expecting some guests who hardly use to come.

6. go for the substitutes like whenever I want to eat some snack I try to eat fruits, i replace tea with hot water, sweets with toffee and others.

7. keep a fixed quantity. Instead of munching something from the packs try to take down a small quantity in bowls.