Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tour Diary- Day ll ( Part 2)

Apple Orchids, Khajjar

Location: 2 KM from Khajjar Grassland
Mode of transportation: Horses/ you can walk
Places to Hangout: Apple and pear gardens
Best time period to visit: October- March
Hotels: Rooms are available promising best view of Kailash Mountain, Mani Mahesh and others
Food: good food is available at good price only.

                                           On my way to Apple orchids

                                                   A glimpse of my way


                                             Tree full of yummy Pears.

                                             Tamanna and Heena, these cute girls resides at Apple orchids. They are really                                         very innocent. we shared our sweets with them and they gave us tasty pears to eat

                                          Amit and tomato posing in front of pear trees

                                           Ok..after spending an hour over there we are back to our Hotel.

                                          Beautiful scenery.

                                            lets have some poses.

Overall, our visit to apple orchids was a memorable one. Though we couldnot find any apple over there :P but the way Kids receive us over there was appreciable. they are so innocent. Also like the sight seeing which made the visit more beautiful.