Saturday, 24 August 2013

weight loss story- What to eat and how to eat

As I said I was never a slimy type girl and loves to eat a lot. Therefore counting calories and keeping a check on what you eat was kind of most difficult issue with me.  Today I share my diet plan which enables me to eat everything that I love but yes obviously in minimum or lesser quantity.
Early Morning: ..Luke warm Water -1/2 tsp honey + 1/2 tsp lemon. For more details read my post about about herbal and easy ways to loose weight here.
Breakfast: 1 Brown Bread sandwich + green chutney ( P.s. You can replace brown bread with chapatti)

Mid day Meal:   any fruit ( try to keep limited to one fruit only)

Lunch :  1 bowl salad, 1 brown bread sandwich ( Roti) and sabzi ( cooked vegetable)

Evening : Handmade roasted Channa - 1 small bowl

Dinner : 1 brown bread sandwich , salad or vegetable dalia

post dinner : 1 cup hot milk 

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