Thursday, 31 July 2014

Being the Entrepreneur!!!!

Job is not meant for everyone. Or may be but research shows nearly 80% of the employees are not happy with the job they are engaged into. At one point or another they want to leave their job and start something of their own. In other words they want to be an "Entrepreneur".

According to wikipedia,  Entrepreneur is the one who starts a business or other organisation. He is the one who chooses or develops a business model, acquires the human and other resources and is fully responsible for its success and failure.

Though in starting your own business , involves risk but than also it charms people more than any Jobs. Reason behind this is People find it more appealing and lucrative. One of my friend who has left his MNC job just to start his own gym, same way one is running his own mobile application company, other a mobile cafe.

Its not only the profit which appeals a person to start his own business but other factors like being your own boss, interest, pursuit of dreams, work on your terms, think innovatively also matters a lot.

I have come across many cases who left their high paid jobs , to start their own business but again shifted back to job, once couldnot perform well. Many times, your business doesn't perform as per your expectation, the risk involved and investment done is greater as compared to  profits earned.

Now in our future posts we will discuss about few Small Business ideas or the business models, their Pros, cons, investment required and will also try to cover other aspects involved.