Friday, 1 August 2014

Work from home - Small Business Ideas- Coaching Centre

Coaching centres is a quite famous term among students and parents. If you have kids who are studying, than it can be a hot topic to discuss anywhere. We all are very much  familiar with its functionality. The more prestigious coaching centre you have the more you will earn. Bansal classes, AAkash institutes, Paramount, Times, FIIT JEE and others are few names from the list.

What is The Coaching centre?

Preparing students  through notes and easy methods as per the curriculum for tests/ entrance test/ exam. It can be started with minimum 1 student and maximum limit can go to any extent. Coaching centres refers to classroom learning other than schools or educational institutes. 

Checklists for a coaching centre?

  • You should have interest in teaching or you should have good teachers whom you can hire.
  • Proficient teachers in their respective subjects are required. There is not need of "Jack of all trades and master of none".
  • Space , where you can teach students
  • Infrastructure and basic facilities like Table chairs. black board, water, and others.
  • Students, the most important factor determining its success.

Who can open a coaching centre?

If you like to teach, have proficiency in any subject or want to enlighten & Brighten  India through education than you can start a Coaching centre.

How much you can earn?

There is no Maximum limit. You can earn as much as you want. Your success depends on the results that your students achieve. A coaching centre charges varies from 300-1500/per subject/ per student.

INCOME = Number of Students * Number of subjects

 Advantages of a coaching centre

  • Minimum Investment Required. A coaching centre can be start up with minimum investment. You can even start up a coaching centre at your home or any other premises. With even a single student you can run you own coaching centre.
  • You can start it as part time/ full time job depending on your interest and success
  • Minimum risk involved. since you can start it with 0 investment, the risk involved is also negligible.
  • Earn as much as you want- Your earnings totally depends on your efforts and the time you devote.
  • Teachers are always the builders of a good nation. A reputed and prestigious job with lots of respect for the good teachers.

 Disadvantages of a coaching centre.

  • This job involves alot of efforts and hardwork. At times you have to start from 5 in the morning till 1 in the night.
  • Hardly get any leaves from the job. You will  never allowed to  take a number of leaves. During exams, you have to pay all your attention to students irrespective of anything.
  • Most of the parents think that they child will become super genius in the subject for which they are paying.
  • Many times your patience level will be on climax but still you have to be cool as parents will come with hell lots of complains about their children.
I tried my best to consider all the point upto best of my knowledge. My friends your feedback matters alot to me.So please do let me know whether I have missed out something or would love to hear your views about this profession.