Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Blogging- A full time job??

I am sure all of my friends who is reading this blogspost, knows about "Chetan bhagat". He is a speaker, writer, novelist, and columnist. His novels like "Five pint someone", "2 states" , "3 mistakes of my life" and others are hit among teenage and young readers.

But do you all know, Chetan Bhagat is an IITian & IIMs'. He left his investment banking job in 2009 in pursuit of his dream. I know you must be thinking why am telling you all this about the Chetan Bhagat and what is the relation between Chetan Bhagat and a Blog??

Blogging is nothing different from writing a book just it is virtual and other one is not. Blogging, also requires a lot of hard work, reading and updation . You cant just write about anything and people will like it. Whatever you are writing should be of interest of the people. No matter whats your topic but you have to write it relevantly. nothing absurd is acceptable.

Once you have a popular blog you will hardly get time to do any other job. Also , since it is a thing which interests you , you would  like to focus more on it than doing any other job.There are a number of bloggers who are not only earning handsomely through their blog but also recruited staff/ team members. Example are numerous but many of them are really famous like Missmalini.

So start creating your blog and earn as much a s you want. there is not upper limit in this profession.