Friday, 19 September 2014

Check list while going for an interview

Many times while we re ready for n interview we make some mistake or forget something necessary which make us loose our confidence. Here is the checklist that enables face your interview with confidence.


Always carry a copy of your updated resume. It completes your look. A copy of resume make you look more professional.

Formal Dressing

Always dress up to your best. For females, use light make up. going like a plane Jane is not preferable in now a days MNC culture. But remember whatever you are wearing, should not contradict with formal dress code. Though I asked you to dress comfortably and be at your best.

Coordination with Consultant

If your interview has been scheduled through an consultant so its better to be in good terms with him/her. do inform your consultant about time to reach, message once there you are in company and also inform your consultant, once you are through with interview. Request him to take the feedback.


Try to be punctual. and in case if there is any emergency , do inform your consultant or the interviewer about your position.

Be Informed

Before going for an interview check about the location, the mode of transportation and how much time it will take you to be there.