Saturday, 14 March 2015

trip to Gangtok- March, 2015

After being to most of the hill station in northern India, this time we decide for Gangtok, Sikkim. We have flight early morning from Delhi domestic Airport to Kolkatta and than Kolkatta to Bagdogra. Due to some operational reasons we have to board two flights, otherwise the flight to Bagdogra is of 2 hours. Since we departed on 6th March that's the day for Holi festival, hardly any mode of conveyance was available to Gangtok. We take prepaid taxi from the airport only for Rs.2210. the driver told us that its only 117 KM but charges are more and sharing is not available due to festive season. After hectic travelling finally we reached to Bagdogra and check in at Hotel Gajraj. At first they told us the fare of Rs.3000 but after few negotiations and we landed at fourth floor for rs. 1500/ each day. As we were very tired we decided to rest in the hotel only and ordered dinner.

Mode of transportation: Delhi- Bagdogra..Air flights/ Train
Bagdogra to Gangtok- City Buses: charges are around Rs.60-70/ per person but they are very time consuming
Private Taxis are also available, they charge Rs. 210/ per person and let 10 person sit.
Nearest Airport: Bagdogra
Hotels: many options are available but you will hardly get any good hotel for less than Rs.1000.
Places to visit: MG road/ Mall road, Vanjhakri fall, Nathula,

Day 1:
We started at 11:00. Had breakfast from Agarwal's snack, pure veg hotel. They serve a variety of North Indian snacks starting from pav bhaji, chhole bhature to burger. After having filling breakfast we decided to move for nearby places. We hired a Taxi who started with 1200 and finally negotiated and given him 1100 for the ten spots. Though we could only cover seven spots.

Things to carry before starting: Umbrella, water bottle, we also got biscuits, cup noodles and other things.

Gonjang Monastery: Its a nice place, very beautiful and quiet. Here you will feel a little more cold as its a big place with large open area. Here you can spend hours if you like peace and want to explore something heavenly.

                                                              Inside of Monastery

                                                               entrance of monastery

View Point: Than we visited to View point but find it useless to visit as there was nothing except a balcony having mountain view.

Ganesh tok, Hanuman tok, - Than we visited to two temples but hardly find them of any use as we have visited a lot temples in Delhi/NCr.

Tibetianology: That was another place to visit, but we couldnot as we got quite late.

Flower exhibition: There is a ticket of Rs.10/ per person but its worth visiting. Amit, since very fond of flower, he loved the place most.

Namche Monastery: We went there a bit late so that's why couldnot go inside. This monastery remain closed after 4:30 PM in the evening.

After getting free around 6:00 in the evening we decided to explore MG road. It's most clean place and very well maintained. You will find the mainly all the big brands showroom over here. But I suggest you to explore the local shops as you can easily get branded items  from anywhere.

Things to remeber: Gangtok is quiet costlier than any north India hill stations. You cant think of going anywhere without hiring taxis. Also the charges are fixed, and there is not scope of negotiations. Just you can confirm with two three localities to make sure , they are not charging more.
Also traffic rules are strict so no chances of bending them

Day 2: to be continued..