Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Interview tips- Reasons to get rejected

Recently, I met a candidate, who had come to me for the consultation. As per him, since last six months he is eagerly looking for a change and has appeared for many interviews. Even able to clear the rounds of interview but never got the final call from the company. He was very depressed as he couldnot understand the reason for being not selected. 

I am very sure this may have been happened  with many of us. So have to ever tried to find the reason for the same? 

In this post I have tried to outline those few things which may be responsible for non selection.

Sell Yourself: 

In an interview you have to sell yourself as per the company's requirement. Yeah!!! Your interview should focus on what your new company wants you to do instead of what you are used to do..

Bad Words

Never ever try to show your last organisation in bad light. Never utter bad words about your employer. No matter how bad is the situation and how negative is your employer. 

Salary Expectation

Until and unless, you are very sure about being offered, never disclose your salary expectation. Obviously you can state your expected salary in first meeting also if you are  one of the only candidate of a kind, which a company have to recruit.

Dress Formally /interview manners

One of my candidate went for a interview in Jeans and tee shirt. This is strictly "No" in corporate . Dress at your best but dress formally. 


Either don't go for an interview or be patient. you are being late that doesnt mean that company people are also late. You can plan your interview timings in a way which are suitable to you and your job. be in touch with your consultant and let them know about availability and the convenience.