Monday, 1 September 2014

Human resource- Right candidate at right job

Human resource is about placing the right candidate at right job. It includes a series of steps. Its scope is not only limited to placing the candidates but also continues thereafter.

My aim for this post is to outline and later categorically define(in my future posts)  the each step related to human resource which is of use of every employee and employer. Obviously HR is much more vast than what I have pointed but I tried more to focus on the more general issues. and my future posts will be linked to these points.

  1. Job Selection
  2. Resume Making
  3. applying to the jobs
  4. interview skills
  5. negotiations
  6. joining the company
  7. behaviors in the company
  8. dealing with the boss
  9. being a team member
  10. how to deal with the negativity

Through my blog I want to help my candidates, friends and those who are searching for job. My idea is not to post something which is for HRs only but also can be used by freshers as well as experienced  candidates.